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Classical massage

Massage works well and stimulates the regenerative processes in the body. Tense muscle relaxes or significantly improves the performance of closed muscles. Collecting fluid in the joint area can be reduced and even prevented. Blood circulation is stimulated and metabolism improved. Another positive effect is the elimination of neuroses and states of mental tension. Massage should be performed at normal, training time once – twice a week or during periods of heavy exercise every other day.

Massage with honey

It provides the skin and other organs and systems with valuable vitamins, minerals and other biologically active substances, improves blood circulation and accelerates the release of the body from the constantly accumulating toxins and waste products in it, eliminates neuromuscular tension and stress, stimulates the immune system life tone.


Reflexology is based on the understanding that certain areas of the palms and soles of the body correspond to a corresponding organ in the human body. Stimulation of these areas normalizes energy flow and metabolism, activates the circulation of tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients, increases skin elasticity and acts as a general firming agent.

Reiki therapy

A Japanese healing technique that uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments and functional imbalances affecting specific organs and systems. Reiki is much more than therapy. It is a complete system for balancing, harmonizing and healing all aspects of the human body: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Deep tissue massage

This type of massage therapy is designed to focus the impact of massage on a very specific area, which may include several types of tissue. The procedure is used to manipulate joints, muscles and areas where two or more muscle groups connect.

Massage is characterized by a smooth transition in the exercise of pressure and a gradual penetration into the depth of the tissues

Anti-cellulite massage

Special massages applied with professional creams and oils that activate the blood circulation in the areas predisposed to cellulite and filling areas of the body. These techniques help break down fat deposits and improve the drainage of stagnant liquids and toxins.

Visceral massage

Old Slavic internal organ therapy via the anterior abdominal wall (method without analogue in world practice)

Visceral massage allows to remove venous and lymphatic congestion, to normalize the position of internal organs, to relieve spasm of internal organs with functional disorders, helps to get rid of various parasites in the stomach. Restores the work of the organs and this affects the workability of the person, his self-esteem, emotions and life expectancy in general.

As a result of the manipulations of the abdomen, chest and neck, deep physiological processes are triggered, which lead not only to the restoration of the work of the internal organs, but also of the whole organism.

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